Participate in NABA Garden Guides

NABA's Butterfly Gardening and Habitats program is in the process of being updated with new web pages, new butterfly gardening guides, and a weekly web page called 'What's Happening in Butterfly Gardens Right Now' that features photos from NABA members.

To submit photos for new web pages and new butterfly gardening guides:

NABA is currently looking for people who would like to submit  digital photographs (JPEGs) for these web pages. Photos should have a minimum file size of 1MB and maximum file size not larger than 4 MB. While we are very interested in photos that include both the native plant and a butterfly, good photos of just the native plant alone are also of interest to us. Photos of caterpillars can be with or without plants.

In order to submit photographs for the general web site, a release form needs to accompany the photos (which should be sent on a CD formatted for Windows.).  Please mail all materials to: NABA, 4 Delaware Road, Morristown NJ, 07960.

To submit to 'What's Happening in Butterfly Gardens Right Now':

This feature of the web site will highlight what is happening in butterfly gardens around the country. Each week web pages devoted to specific regions will highlight photo submissions from NABA members (or NABA certified butterfly gardeners) of plants that are attracting butterflies to their gardens right now.

Submission guidelines: