Where Are the Butterflies?

Across much of the U.S., butterfly populations have been very low...read more

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What's Happening in Butterfly Gardens Right Now?

A NABA web site feature that will highlight photo submissions from NABA members around the country of plants that are attracting butterflies to their gardens right now.

View the photos for New Jersey that have been received and consider sending butterfly gardening photos from your location!

NABA's Butterfly Garden and Habitat Program can:

Help you create a paradise for butterflies while encouraging habitat restoration, no matter how large or small an area you have. Begin planning your garden with the Basics of Butterfly Gardening. Learn which native plants are suitable for butterfly gardens in your location with Regional Butterfly Garden Guides. Show your commitment to increasing butterfly populations and educating others by certifying your butterfly garden or habitat through NABA's Butterfly Garden Certification Program. Explore native butterfly garden plants selected by NABA's butterfly gardening community as essential plants to include in your garden with NABA's Butterfly Garden Plants. Fine tune your garden plant selections with Caterpillars and Host Plants

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